"SimpleGov is an online platform that fosters dialogue between citizens and their local, state and federal officials."

Front-end & Interface Design

HTML, CSS, Sketch & Illustrator

SimpleGov was my first project when I started working at Wikibase Solutions. I had to develop widgets using html and css in a Wiki environment. At first I only had to recreate the designs that were given to us by our client.

note: this project is still in progress.

Project page

At one point the project page needed a redesign, it took a while for the designs to get to us so I decided to make my own. When we finally received the new project page designs we noticed that those designs were not very user friendly at all. We showed my designs during a skype call and from that moment I was in charge of designing SimpleGov.

The essence of SimpleGov is to get things done. A big part of this is to motivate people who should get things done, think about city officials and agencies. A rating function is created for that purpose. The user is able to rate the officials and agencies on a scale from 1 to 10. This rating should be based on the way that officials and agencies respond and act to certain problems. The current rating of an official or agency is displayed around their profile picture. Their rating is always visible to everyone which should motivate them to keep their scores high and thus make them do everything they can to solve a problem.



A few weeks later the mobile version of the project page needed a design too. The challenge here was the rating function and displaying the officials and agencies. As described earlier, it is important that the officials and their agencies get a lot of attention. To keep the officials in sight we decided to make them stick to the header. This way the user is always able to see the officials and agencies involved. By tapping on the bar a carousel appears which contains all officials and agencies.


He did a great job with the designs. They tell a story.
- Justin Hartfield