Design Research

Visualize insights on human behaviour

Team of 2 people

Interviewing, Observing & Emphaty mapping


This project was assigned by the academy in the sector Human. The goal was to gather insights about human behaviour using methods like interviewing and observing. Eventually the meaningfull insights needed to be visualized on a poster.


Lorenzo and I came on the subject shame by walking past a lingerie store in Breda. We noticed how some people reacted differently. Some people looked a bit uneased, and in one particular case a mother left her son outside.

We gathered data about this subject by observing and interviewing people about their most shamefull moments. The interviews led to some hilarious conversations.

Once we gathered our data it was time to find insights by using a reader about psychology provided by the academy.

Final result

Once we gathered our insights it was time to visualize them. We concluded that shame is essential in the progress of self-development. We found out that people are actually searching a balance between fear and confidence which enables them to make progress on their way to Self-Actualisation.

Our work even got exposed at the open day of our school: