About me

Creative thinker with a passion for coding and future technologies. Currently combining a job as webdeveloper at Wikibase Solutions with an education at the Dutch academy for Communication and User Interaction.

My passion for technology started to take form when i saw the first Iron Man movie for the first time when I was a kid. I thought a flying suit and a talking AI were the coolest things ever, I wanted to have that. So I started thinkering. Obviously the Iron man Suit didn't happen but I managed to put together a voice assistant by combining several systems. I tweaked the whole OS after the interface of Iron Man's AI, which turned out to be superimpractical, but it worked.

Now several years later I am doing exactly these sort of things at school, which i think is amazing. In my first year I started learning HTML and CSS resulting in a job as webdeveloper at Wikibase Solutions, where I work on great projects that contribute to society.